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Did you know that up to 64,000 pounds of microfibers are being released into oceans and streams every day? Reduce microfiber pollution by buying 100% organic cotton clothing. Ours is oh-so-soft and made locally in NC!

What if you could support an entire community by wearing clothes that you love?

That’s what we asked ourselves when we started Pamut. We measure our success based on the positive impact we make. Our all-purpose line of tees, tops, shorts, and dresses are made entirely in the great state of North Carolina through a completely transparent supply chain. Each of our organic tees is printed with a design inspired by the positive impact that sustainable fashion can make. While many brands are moving towards synthetic fibers that contribute to microfiber pollution, we aim to revive the natural fiber movement by creating ridiculously soft, long-lasting cotton clothing that you can’t help but love.


We have an obsession with supporting the tradition of North Carolina textiles.

How we transform 100% organic cotton into beautiful clothing with the help of some amazing local craftspeople.

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Founded in Budapest, Hungary

How living abroad changed owner Kat Williford’s perception of the fashion industry.

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Each of our ethically made tees is designed with a cause in mind.

This season, we are focusing on four causes that we believe in. Check out the stories behind our Tees for Good!

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