Our Transparent Supply Chain


The Fiber.

We use only GOTS certified organic cotton imported from India and Pakistan. Zero pesticides are used on GOTS organic cotton. In addition, farms must comply with fair labor standards in order to be certified.

Looming and Finishing.

What do we do with all of that organic cotton? What isn’t already loomed before import is knitted together at Contempora Fabrics in Lumberton, NC. When we met the folks at Contempora, we knew that they had something great going on. Their state-of-the-art circular knitting facility contains over 200 knitting machines, and they are 100% employee owned.


Our garments are cut and sewn both at our workshop in Raleigh and at Opportunity Threads in the foothills of western NC. Opportunity Threads is a cut and sew operation specializing in sustainable textile production, and is minority and women owned. Their focus on fair labor, sustainable environmental practices, and high quality product makes them stand out.


While some of our fabric is low-impact dyed before being imported, all of our knit t-shirts are garment dyed after being sewn. This allows for less fabric and water waste in the dyeing process. We work with TS Designs in Burlington, NC to garment dye many of our tees. TS Designs has been around since the ’90s, but after fashion companies began outsourcing garment production, they decided to change their business model and go completely sustainable.


Screenprinting has a reputation for being a toxic process. Traditionally, screenprinters use harsh chemicals and strong cleaning agents, and have little regard for worker health. We wanted to go about printing our tees in an eco-friendlier way, and that’s how we found Hey!Monkey Design in Durham, NC and TS Designs in Burlington. These small-scale printers use only water-based inks, which don’t contain the plastic particles and carcinogens that regular inks do.

Packaging and Shipping.

After all of our garments are produced, they head to our workshop in Raleigh, NC. The final step is to review garments for quality, tag, package, and ship out our apparel. That’s where you come in! We design and source our product, but you support slow fashion by spreading the word. The fact is, everyone has the right to know where their clothes come from. We just make it easy!