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Our Story

“Pamut started with my personal journey to the other side of the world. I first visited Budapest, Hungary in 2011 and fell in love with the city and the people. I returned to Budapest as much as I could and, two years after my first visit, I was able to make the city my permanent home. Living abroad challenged my perception of the world in ways that will continue to impact me for my entire life. For me, living in Hungary taught me that I can make something out of nothing. The creative scene in Budapest is thriving because of the generation of kids who were born as communism fell. They didn’t have the luxuries (or the dependence on those luxuries) that I grew up with in America. They had to create everything for themselves. That independent spirit inspired me to found Pamut Apparel in Hungary.

When I moved back home to Raleigh, NC, I met so many amazing people who work at local textile factories, dye houses and sewing facilities. These people deserve our business, and I realized that I could support them by developing a sustainable supply chain. I believe that through Pamut, we can create a support system of local designers, artists and producers in North Carolina; a truly sustainable company that creates beautiful clothing too!”

Kat Williford

Owner & Designer

Kat during her first attempt at screenprinting at Printa Studio in Budapest