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Tees for Good

Each of our ethically made tees is designed with a cause in mind.

This season, we are focusing on four causes that we believe in. Check out the stories behind our Tees for Good!

For Unity

Our design for Unity and Racial Equality is inspired by a pinkie swear. Each hand is screenprinted with a different color, representing the diversity on our planet. We made this design because we believe that people of all backgrounds can to work together to promote equality. When you wear this t-shirt, you’ll be standing up for the cause of unity.

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For Nature Conservation

Our design for Nature Conservation is inspired by a floral pattern. The pattern depicts mother nature looking over a scene of magnolia flowers and buds, juniper branches, ivy, and tropical leaves. This print reminds us to respect our environment. Pay attention to your surroundings and do your best to reduce waste so we can continue to appreciate nature’s beauty.

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For Gender Equality

Our design for Women’s Equality is a geo print incorporating symbols of femininity and awareness. They include circles, equal signs, and open eyes. Did you know that women are paid 18-22% less than men in the US? Let’s work to close the gender pay gap by supporting women owned businesses as well as supporting mothers who work!

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For Ocean Conservation

Our design for Ocean Conservation is a scallop pattern of lines symbolizing harmonic ocean waves. Our oceans and water systems continue to be polluted with dyes, microfibers, and other trash that harm the ecosystem and end up back in our bodies. Much of the harm to our water supplies is caused by the fashion industry. Let’s work to keep our oceans clean by supporting ethical clothing manufacturers and reducing waste.

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