Custom Sizing


We offer custom lengths and widths in all of our garments! This is ideal if you fall outside of our listed sizes, are petite or tall, or would prefer a garment created specifically with your measurements.

To order a custom garment, simply select the closest size from the product page. When completing your order, write the following information in the “Notes” area of the order:

-A description of the alterations that you’d like

-Your measurements (for Dresses/Rompers: height, bust, waist, hip; for Tops: height, bust, waist; for Bottoms: height, waist, hip). Optional measurements to add include a preferred inseam or length, arm circumference, or thigh circumference.

*Please note that we will not begin production on your piece until your measurements have been sent! Custom pieces are non-returnable, and we find that having your measurements on hand allows us to create the best fit possible for you so that you’ll love your new piece.