First look at the January ’19 collection.

The January collection drops on 1/23, and it is completely different than all of the releases I’ve done in the past two years. I thought I would write a blog post to describe my thought process in creating these new garments, as well as give you a sneak peek of what’s hitting the site next week.


Collection Statement

I’ve tried many different setups for releasing new product in the past… Previously, I felt the need to design and sample out garments nine months in advance in order to be in line with the fashion cycle of tradeshows and wholesale buyers. However, when I would get to the release date nine months later, the items I designed weren’t exciting me anymore. I’m pushing myself to grow my design aesthetic so fast that after nine months, a lot changes! So this time, I decided to rethink this endless fashion cycle and just create when I was inspired and found new fabrics that I loved.

The Pamut line has certainly changed a lot since I moved back to the US in 2016, and I FINALLY feel as though I am creating pieces that I am truly happy with. My goal in 2018 was for the pieces I create to be the first ones I go for in my closet every morning. I wanted to steer the Pamut line towards wearable and comfortable pieces that would stand the test of time as well as bring true joy to the wearer (channeling Marie Kondo here). In November, I felt like there were some gaps in the line that needed to be filled, and I was inspired to create a mini-collection of staple pieces that I would want to wear every day in the studio. The capsule line would focus on wearable colors, easy shapes, and lots and lots of pockets!

So here is what will be released next Wednesday the 23rd:

  1. Cody Zero Waste Tee in a full size range
  2. Maggie Tunic
  3. Maggie Vest
  4. Maggie Haori Coat
  5. Hanna and Agnes Top updates in Black Raw Silk
  6. Limited edition runs of current styles in new colorways


1. Cody Zero Waste Tee

It’s baaaaaaack! The Cody Zero Waste Tee is new and improved in V. 2.0. The main change is that I’ll now be offering S, M, and L instead of just 1 size. If you’re curious as to how the updated version fits compared to the 1 size version, the O.G. one size tee falls just in between the new S and M. Another update is the ribbed neckband, which lays much nicer than the original non-rib neckband and has a great texture. And as you can see from the above photos, I’m sticking with a soft color palette to start (brighter colors coming in Spring) and there are a couple colorways with block printed polka-dots! Your favorite change may be the new pricetag though, as I was able to get the cost down to $34 a tee for solids and $36 for polka-dot prints.

Cody Zero Waste Tee: $34-36

2. Maggie Tunic

The Maggie Tunic is the first in a series of double curved pocket garments to be released on 1/23. It comes in three fabrics/colorways, and each one is inspired by a different lifestyle. The blue organic hemp/cotton duck version is substantial yet soft. Its a great piece to wear at work or in the studio if you’re looking for something that will withstand a bit of wear and tear. The micro-stripe organic hemp/cotton is quite lightweight, and perfect for everyday wear. This time of year, it would look perfect layered under a chunky button-up sweater. The black raw silk version is the most adaptable of the three, as its quite easy to dress up or down. Favorite details: the raw edge at the sleeve hem and, of course the pockets.

Maggie Tunic: $142

3. Maggie Work Vest

Created specifically for crafters and makers, the Maggie Work Vest is the second in the series. The vest features a side button closure, which means you can take it off without upending the contents of all those pockets! This vest will be available in two fabrics/colorways, one geared towards studio work and the other as an everyday garment. The micro-stripe version would be ideal for knitters, or anyone who is looking to store lightweight items in the pockets. It also looks great unlayered and is therefore a perfect transitional piece from cold to warm weather. The blue duck version is designed for heavier duty crafting and making. It includes additional details such as a loop in the side seam (attach a carabiner to it, slide a ruler through it, use it for anything else you can imagine) and a reinforced and lined back yoke.

Maggie Work Vest: $126-142

4. Maggie Haori Coat

The most detailed and labor-intensive garment I have ever created is this coat. Its made out of that delicious hemp/cotton duck, and lined with organic cotton that I hand-dyed to a textural cinnamon color. The Maggie Haori Coat features the same curved front pockets as the other two Maggie pieces, but with the addition of a substantial shawl collar pieced in and joining with the horizontal pocket seam. The lining is something I debated over since it added a lot of extra cost, but I decided to keep it because it is so beautiful, and just take a bit less profit from this garment. It makes me so happy to see it completed!

Maggie Haori Coat: $264

5. Hanna and Agnes Top Updates in Black Raw Silk

The most common request I’ve received over the past few months is to make these two pieces in black, so here they are! Wearable, layerable, machine washable.

Hanna Top in Black Raw Silk: $104

Agnes Top in Black Raw Silk: $126

6. Limited Edition Runs of Current Styles

As you may have noticed, I’ve updated the website to group garments into two categories: Core Collection and Limited Edition. The Limited Edition section will allow me to test new ideas and to get creative. This is lower risk for me, while also providing you all with exciting updates and additional color options in garments you love. This section will be updating rather often, but I’m starting by adding a new tie front tee, dip dyed sweatshirt, madder root dyed Agnes Top, and ice dyed tee.

I hope you all love the new pieces! As I mentioned, they’ll be dropping on the site 1/23 and will probably be up by 11 am. I’ll have at least one per size available for immediate order and if those run out, you can backorder a garment… this simply means that I’m making it to order, so it will probably ship out within 1-2 weeks of you placing your order. As always, please contact me at with any questions about sizing or measurements!

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