Thoughts on the 10×10 Challenge

Its finally Fall, which means its time for the sustainable fashion community to gear up for another round of the 10×10 Challenge. When I saw people posting their minimal clothing selections earlier this week, I felt, well… crappy.

Let me explain.

It seems that the 10×10 challenge is now being overshadowed by something called the $2000 Challenge. Many Instagram influencers are creating their 10x10s from garments worth a total of $2000 or more. Now, I know that there are plenty of people out there who appreciate and are able to afford expensive clothing. Not to mention that these pieces are made from high-quality fabrics by skilled sewing techs and designers (of which I am one). These pieces are gorgeous, will last forever, and are very wearable.

But here’s the problem. The 10×10 Challenge was meant to involve MORE people in the idea of a sustainable and minimal wardrobe. And lately, it has been feeling exclusive. I worry that the 10×10 Challenge is scaring away people who feel that they can’t afford expensive sustainable pieces. I’m not saying we should ditch all of our expensive clothes in favor of low end items. What I’m saying is, lets make the 10×10 more inclusive.

In keeping with the ones and zeroes theme, I did a #10x10under100 this Fall. That means I picked 10 items, each with a price tag of under $100. Some are sustainable, some are thrifted, some are handmade… and some are made by non-sustainable companies, but have proven to be closet staples.

Day 1 (10.25.18)

It was unexpectedly freezing today! I wore my Pamut Helene Sweater ($86), Lou&Grey Sale Pants, and Allbirds ($95). I accessorized with my favorite necklace from Windblown Jewelry and vintage turquoise and silver earrings.

Day 2 (10.26.18)

Slightly warmer today, to my relief. I swear, climate change is creating such polarizing temperatures. There is no such thing as fall anymore! I wore my Pamut Herban Jungle Tee for the first time EVER ($40), my favorite pair of thrifted denim ($88), and Allbirds ($95). Accessories today consisted of some new ceramic earrings I got from my friend Jenna at Pink Moon Ceramics.

Day 3 (10.27.18)

Today I felt like dressing up a bit since its Saturday and I’m going out tonight for sushi! I paired my thrifted denim with a thrifted Jil Sander top (bought it 8 years ago so I’m not quite sure what it cost, but I think around $40). I accessorized with my hand-me-down boots, my favorite pearl necklace (new take on an old favorite!), and an animal print clutch.

Day 4 (10.28.18)

I woke up feeling a bit tired and grumpy, so back to my trusty and comforting Helene Sweater for today! My hair didn’t look so hot in the morning so I tied a Pamut raw silk bandana around my head. Worn with my thrifted jeans and Allbirds.

Day 5 (10.29.18)

Halfway through the 10×10 Challenge! I was in the mood to dress up a bit today after being so relaxed yesterday. I’ve FINALLY recovered from what seemed to be a two-week cold. Yay! I threw my reversible Hanna Top (pattern can be bought here for $10!) over a knit Zara dress that I wear year round (bought for about $68). I wore my boots and festive hand-beaded earrings.

Day 6 (10.30.18)

Feeling like a pro today in this tailored look! I layered my thrifted Jil Sander Tee under a thrifted Phillip Lim Blazer ($88). Paired with my Lou&Grey Pants and my boots, and make this look more interesting by adding a fun necklace that is basically a giant hunk of metal!

Day 7 (10.31.18)

Happy Halloween! I’m trés chic in my Hanna Top with a sweet little scarf tied around my neck (plus Lou&Grey Pants and black boots). I can’t promise that I’ll be wearing this later on… I have a Woody from Toy Story costume sitting in my closet that I may just have to throw on!

Day 8 (11.1.18)

I can’t believe that its already November! I’m taking the “Herban Jungle” theme to heart today. I’m wearing my hand dyed tee with a leopard printed beanie. I styled this look with my Lou&Grey pants and black boots. I’m also carrying my favorite Raleigh Denim tote!

Day 9 (11.2.18)

Its almost the weekend and I’m going out to dinner tonight, so I dressed up my Zara knit dress by layering my thrifted Jil Sander top underneath. Worn with my blazer and boots. Also, I went home and put on tights during lunch because I didn’t realize that it would be so cold out today!

Day 10 (11.3.18)

Woot woot, 10×10 Challenge complete! I’m wearing my handmade Hanna Top, thrifted jeans, boots, and blazer. I love how all of these pieces work together to create a look that transitions from day to night. I’m working in Green House during the day, and then going out with friends for a drink after work. No need to change!

Reflections after this season’s 10×10 Challenge

I felt great after doing the Challenge this season! As I was posting my outfits (and following everyone else’s posts on Instagram), I definitely saw 10×10 Friends who were feeling similarly about the Challenge. I quickly found the hashtag 10x10representation matters, which aims make the 10×10 Challenge more diverse. I am so glad that sustainable fashion lovers are all working together to grow the movement!

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