Wondering what to make all of your friends for Christmas? How about a Zero Waste Stocking! Simply download and print our free stocking pattern here. If you're looking for some unique fabric to make your stocking with, grab one of our Maker's Bundles! Each bundle includes enough fabric for at least two stockings. Then, scroll down to follow the instructions. It's *sew* simple!


To make this stocking, you'll need:

-Exterior fabric 18x24" panel, or smaller panels pieced together. We used fabric from our Maker's Bundle!

-Chunky cuff fabric 8x20" panel

-Lining fabric 18x24" panel

-Medium-heavy fusible interfacing 18x24" panel (optional but recommended)

-Decorative ribbon or trim for the stocking cuff (optional)

Step 1

Print out our free stocking pattern on four pages of regular A4 paper. Piece together the pattern on the gray lines and tape together. Then, cut out your pattern pieces: 2 exterior panels, 2 cuffs, 2 linings, 2 interfacings, 1 loop.

Step 2

Iron the interfacing to the wrong sides of the exterior panels.

Step 3

Prepare the loop. Fold over the long sides 3/8" and press. Then fold in half so that the raw edges are hidden inside the fold and press again. Stitch 1/8" from opening, lengthwise, to close. This piece will be folded in half to form the loop.

Step 4

Pin the exterior panels with right sides together. Pin the linings with right sides together. With 1/4" seam allowance, sew around the "leg" and "foot" of both the exterior panels and the linings, leaving the top open. Then, pin the long sides of the cuffs with right sides together. With 1/4" seam allowance, stitch down both of the long sides.

Step 5

Assemble the stocking. First, flip the exterior stocking so that the right sides are facing out and press. Insert the lining into the exterior (Do not flip, the right sides should be facing in). Fold the loop in half and place the raw ends at the top corner of the stocking. Pin the raw ends of the loop to the exterior and the lining at this point. (the loop will point down into the stocking lining). Lastly, fold the cuff over itself so that the seam allowance is covered and the right sides are exposed. Insert the cuff into the lining with the raw edges facing up. Now, all of the raw edges from all of the pieces should be laying next to each other in the round.

Step 6

Pin around the raw edge opening to secure, making sure to catch all four layers and both ends of the loop at the top. Stitch around the circle with 1/2" seam allowance. *Optional - Serge over the raw edges. This seam will not be visible on the completed stocking, but serging will help prevent fraying. Flip the cuff up and over the exterior stocking.

Step 7

*Optional - Pin a trim of your choice to the bottom of the cuff. Feel free to get creative (you can add multiple layers of trim, pom-poms, or anything else that you think would be fun. We used a handwoven fabric from our Maker's Bundle, and pulled out strands of yard to create a fringe!) Flip the cuff back up over the exterior of the stocking and stitch around the cuff over the trim to secure.

Written by Katherine Williford

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