Our Fabrics

  • Raw Silk

    Raw silk is 100% silk fabric made from the unspooled cocoons of silkworms. It’s more sustainable than regular “shiny” silk, as the full cocoon is used without the scouring process involved in shiny silk. Raw silk has a signature “nubby” texture and a beautiful drape. It is best machine dried to re-soften the fabric after wash.

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  • Laundered Linen

    Our 100% European Linen has an unparalleled drape and sheen. A wearable midweight, it is ideal for both tops and bottoms. We launder our linen in studio to pre-shrink it and give it a soft, supple texture.

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  • Crinkle Gauze

    Our 100% organic cotton gauze is the epitome of cozy, warm, and soft. Note that this fabric has "stretch" due to the texture and may relax throughout the day during wear to become slightly larger fitting. Choose your true size in this fabric.

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  • Handwoven Cotton Khadi

    Our patterned cottons are handwoven by master weavers in East India. Each pattern is chosen by our team seasonally and the fibers then are dyed and woven on floor looms in the homes of the weavers. Cotton khadis vary in weight but are typically a mid to lightweight, with an airy texture and drape.

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  • Brushed Cotton Twill

    Loomed from 100% organic cotton, brushed twill is chunky and supersoft, with a structural drape. We compare this fabric to a softer version of wool, but with the same weight and texture.

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  • Stretch Corduroy

    At 97% cotton and 3% spandex, our stretch corduroy has a fine wale and just the right amount of give for a comfortable pant or dress. The rich texture feels ideal for cooler weather.

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  • Batik Silk

    Loomed and handpainted in East India, our Batik Silk is quite airy and lightweight. As this is a more delicate fabric, we recommend hand washing and hanging to dry.

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