We take our fits seriously.

Each garment is tested prior to release, and our fits are being constantly revised based on customer feedback. Use the below chart to get an idea of which size will best work for you.

*Questions about how to take measurements or about the sizing of specific garments? Send an email to orders@pamutapparel.com. Want to learn more about custom sizing options? Click here.

Caring for Your Fabrics

Our fabrics are all wear tested before we release them to ensure that they're both long lasting and easy to care for.


For our hemp/cottons (denim and canvas included), raw silks, and organic cotton (knits and twill): Machine wash & tumble dry low, or hang to dry. Preshrunk
For our linens and cotton handwovens: Machine wash & hang to dry. To dewrinkle, throw in the dryer for 5-10 minutes after line-dried, or iron. Preshrunk
For our tencels: Machine wash on delicate or hand wash cold. Hang to dry (Machine dry will result in streaking). Alternately, dry clean. Machine washing may result in minimal vertical shrinkage.