Our new collection drops Wednesday, March 16th. It's so close! The process of sourcing fabrics and designing new pieces for this season felt like a natural progression of our previous collections. The most important thing to get right, I decided, was how the garments made me feel. When I wear some of our most well-designed pieces, I feel perfectly put together without having to overthink styling.


The silhouette, easy fit, and beautiful fabrics do all of the work so that I don't have to!


With that in mind, I set about designing new garments that felt effortless and fun. My first task was to source fabrics and choose new colors in our favorite linen quality. I settled on a REVERSIBLE patterned gauze (OMG, two fabrics in one) and a linen palette that feels bright and playful. Because I way overbought in Winter, we kept our Tencels and Periwinkle Hemp/Cotton through to this season... Did ya know that one of the toughest things to do when owning a clothing company is buying the right amount of fabric? Well, now you do!


Rethinking Our Dress Selection

Fabrics chosen, I set about designing our new Spring styles. The main thing that we desperately needed were affordable dresses! It's tough to make a dress for under $200 with fabric costs the way they are right now. Being VERY strategic with volume and construction choices, I designed dress versions of two of our favorite tops: The Hanna and the Mira. Number one priority was pockets. Number two priority was reversibility. These have both!

A Four-Way Hanna Top

After designing the S/S dresses, I wanted to breathe new life into our best-selling garment: The Hanna Top. I envisioned a Hanna made from our reversible gauze that could be worn four ways: inside out AND back-to-front! It took a while for Mackenzie and I to figure out how to cleanly finish all of the seams, but the result is just so versatile.

A Playful Linen Top

Though in the past we made a version of the Hanna in Linen, the Hanna was originally designed for super drapey fabrics like silk and gauze. I didn't feel like the silhouette leant itself to linen quite as well, so I wanted to create a top that was designed specifically to drape well in our linen fabric. I took inspiration from an easy t-shirt shape, adding a patch pocket (yay pockets!) and a fun little tag with a hand on it. We went back and forth with the tag, but to me it feels branded and creative! 
There are a few more garments we've created for Spring that aren't listed here... I've got to keep some things a surprise! The new line will drop on Wednesday, March 16th at noon. Leadtimes will be 2-4 weeks (orders placed sooner will be on the shorter end of the leadtime). Be sure to stay tuned for more sneak peeks on the 'gram!
Written by Katherine Williford

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